About SEBIVenlo :: Statewalker

Fontys Venlo best maven practices. "Up with your competencies" The 'Sebipom' Parent pom that provides all dependencies that you need for modern testing, generating good looking Javadoc and a set of static test reports using spotbugs, pmd, and checkstyle. This is NOT cargo-cult, because NONE of the dependencies in this pom will end up in your final product. Version 2.3.6 added mockito jupiter plugin. Version 2.3.8 bumps junit-jupyter from 5.6.0 to 5.6.2 and added jacoco command line for modular projects Version 2.4.0 leaner default build. Version 3.0.0 move junit 4.12 to junit-legacy profile Version 3.0.2 removed unneeded and broken jacocomodular profile