Java Bits

Tiny pieces of java we think are worth sharing. The following projects are available:
A simple to use API to get reliable clock ticks in a non-gui application.
To use it as a NetBeans IDE Libraray, download the binary, sources and java doc files and use them to create a NetBeans Library, e.g. named TickerHelper. This film below shows how to install it as a NetBeans IDE library.
Java ant task to strip tagged text from a text file.
The codestripper works like a kind of preprocessor or filter that removes tagged lines from a text file. Its initial purpose is to strip solutions from exam projects, but it can also strip comments from your files for the purpose of putting them as illustration on your sheets or in your documents.
Installation: put the jar file in the ant lib directory, under Linux© typically /usr/share/ant/lib, and generaly under $ANT_HOME/lib.
Codestripper is maintained in a repository at, readable by all with a peerweb account.
Slotmachine Gui
A Gui for exam purposes.

The software engineering 1 exam project has been engineered to make testing by trying almost impossible. A business application that use a random generator at its core is hardly testable by hand.

Installation: put the slotmachinegui.jar and icons.jar files in the java lib directory, under Linux© typically /usr/share/java.

For those that are curious how the gui is implemented, the source and all resources in a zip file.

If you want to complete your Netbeans SlotMachine library, you might want to add the too.

Slot-Machine, a Sample exam project
To give our students a change to prepare themselves for the SEN1 performance assessment, we provide a sample exam file set:
  • The exam documentation file in dutch and german in pdf format.
  • The icon slotmachine api for on line browsing.
  • The gui library in a jar file.
    Installation: download and put the slotmachinegui.jar and icons.jar files in the java lib directory, under Linux© typically /usr/share/java.
  • The icon slot machine exam project to start with. This a zip file of the initial project in your svn repository during the test session. Unpack it and you should be able to use it as a netbeans project. You also must install the slotmachinegui.jar somewhere ( under Linux© typically /usr/share/java. see the slotmachine gui link above) and maybe update the netbeans project for the missing library. The lib is called slotmachinegui.jar

If you want to take yourselves seriously, take our advice and develop your solution test driven, that is, write the test first, so that it fails and then write the implementation. The implementation will become much clearer then. And also note that in the real test we only grant points if the tests are present. You get only bonusses for a working implementation (which in fact test your tests).

Crossing GUI
The Crossing GUI is a component/library that students use in a java 3 exercise. The students task is about the business logic. The GUI is given. The javadoc can be found under crossinggui api.

The GUI can be added as a normal jar file, a NetBeans library (recommended) or a maven dependency (recommended since 2016). The jar files to use in the NetBeans library can be found in

It is recommended to name the library CrossingGui. The maven coordinates to add to the pom are
You also need to have your pom point to the fontysvenlo repository like so:
Tally map2
TallyMap2 library to test concurrent applications. Note these files make up a snapshot. The project is hosted at github under tallymap.
State walker is a small library to implement hierarchical state machines. The maven site on statewalker can be found here, as well as the javadoc The project is hosted on Github at statewalker on github..
Sebi DAO
Sebi DAO is a simple Data Access Object implementation. This version uses, but is not strictly bound to PostgreSQL. The maven site on sebidao can be found here, as well as the javadoc. The project is hosted on Github at sebidao on github.
SebiDao acquired a helper, a separate maven project pgtypes provides time and date ranges to ease your planning problems. It too has javadoc and is hosted in the same github project as sebidao.
Sebi Testhelper provides a number of utility classes to ease writing teacher tests. ApiDoc

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